Waiting to move

Waiting to move


Well are we all not just a little fed up of this rain, but hopefully it will bode well for when we set off on the move again, When the skies are all rained out and we will travell in the bright sunshine and the earth will become like Camelot,( ” where the rain shall never fall till after sundown, by eight the morning fog must disappear, and there’s a legal limit to the snow here in Camelot”)  Well one can only dream !!! We cannot wait until we take off again and start cruising on the cut, and like I said we do have a smashing little community here  in Market Harborough amongst the winter moorers ( it’s Tuesday night early doors at the Sugar Hut !! Sorry Sugar Loaf, obviously to much  T.O.W.I.E ) where we all go for a cheap meal and a couple of pints. But I wanna travel.

We had a lovely weekend , well week really, see even tho its rained loads  we do manage to get out between the showers, we cycle and shop, generally have a great time, we also had loads of visitors this week, on Thursday we had Sally and Howard who came to visit when after a morning of rain wind and gloom the sun came out as soon as they arrived and stayed with us for the whole afternoon, Whilst we showed em Foxton Locks and the Leicestershire countryside which can be viewed from the top of the locks and the viewing platform, I love showing the locks off to non narrowboaters and folk that haven’t seen it, it never ceases to amaze me how it was thought up designed and built with no more than the average garden shed held, not counting any of your power tools or electrical gadgets, yes there was nothing more than hand tools to create this wonder of the  Canal World,”  created more than two hundred years ago. I know there are loads more lock, canal bridge, tunnel, and Aqueduct wonders out there, but I feel this is mine and Richies (whilst we are here) to show our people” ” anyway Sally and Howard had a wonderful time up at the locks, we then went to eat at Sugar Loaf again….. was lovely to see you Sally and Howard both enjoy your trips to Oz an Spain x x then on Friday I baked a  cake for our visitors from Down South ( Wales that is) yes Lisa Kaff Heidi and Lily Grace came for the weekend, they were staying at the MH travel lodge which is a stones throw from the boat, so very handy, we ate again at the Sugar Loaf ( they will be getting sick off me and Richie in that Sugar Loaf) and came back to the boat for cake, the children loved it so much ( the boat not the cake, ) that they wanted to stay so they slept with me in the bed whilst Richie slept on the bed in the lounge, which was great for Kaff and Lisa….. but it was lovely and they don’t come often. so again it was pouring down with rain when they arrived on Friday the weather picked up for us all to go to……..yes Foxton but its lovely for everyone, the suncame out whilst they all enjoyed the wonders of foxton, after getting a mini bus there Richie and Kaff were going to walk back to Market Harborough, whilst we caught the bus from Foxton village, when we got back to MH Richie called to say they were caught in that massive storm so we went to pick them up in the car, we had a super e ening Saturday where I cooked for all !!!! Which was nice, on Sunday Joey and Jayne came to join us all and we had lunch at the Waterfront Restraunt here at the wharf a lovely week now resting until    Our next adventure……. yes the Sugar Loaf again tonite gosh we know how to live…………….

Until the Next time

Lots of love

Chrissie Richie and Rio x x x








Still in Market Harborough

Hello dear reader !!

Still here in MH wont be leaving until the end of Feb as we have a lot going on here there and everywhere, “They don’t know that here in the Wharf ” I think they only have room for us until the end of JAN or until the Hire Boats come back from their refurbishmenting .

I said ” I would write everyday ” and as pointed out by my lovely brother I haven’t been, but as there’s not a right lot to report when wer’e not travelling I don’t want to bore you too much.

We are doing lots going out with our fellow boaters for our regular  Tuesday early doors at the Sugar Loaf which is our Wetherspoons here in MH, the boaters some of you may know are our new neighbours and some from our winter moorings when we were on narrowboat Digitalis.


18th Jan Hello again I was going to write everyday but like I said not a right lot happens, but things have a changed, we are going to get our bottom blacked so we have booked in with a company on the Ashby Canal to do it for us so we are going to be there for the 24th Feb when they will Start, but because of other arrangements we have, we are going away for a few days on 7th – 9th Feb so as soon as we get back from there we will be taking off so that we can be some place,So that I can get transport to get to Hayley’s for the 14th to look after Harvey and Ellie whilst Hayley and Jamie take a romantic break in London we will have to be at a place for hiring a car on the 21st to go to another function, so that will mean leaving our winter mooring here in Market Harborough on the 10th Feb which makes us happy as we can’t wait to get back out on the cut, so in between little trips away it doesn’t actually leave us many travelling days to get to the Ashby Canal and of course it is all dependant on if the canal freezes over or not, Watch this space.
I must also send our love and get well wishes to our lovely friends on nb Hadar Jo and Kieth as Kieth has had a right bad start to this and end to last year, but hopefully now is on the mend after his latest ail found him in hospital having a nasty op, but hopefully he is now on the mend love to you both Jo and kieth and in the words of D.Ream things can only get better.
Hope your all sticking to your new year resolutions……… I did have a go at that 2 in 5 diet, I did that for one day and haven’t managed to another one since, maybe I’ll have another go !!!
love to all
Chrissie Richard and Rio nb Mandalay x x x

Dates to remember dates to forget

I said to you when I started this blog that “I would write everyday” ? but as I got confused with the set up of my new blog I didn’t, buuuut I have now started a five year diary to write in all the important stuff “you know costs, prices, this that and the other, well I bought this lovely Diary “faux leather bound” with a lock and key and everything, so although I bought it on the second of Jan, I filled the first page ie January 1st full of interesting info that we will look back on in years to come and compare prices etc, then I fill in the whole of the next page 2nd Jan full of interesting info again…..today the 3rd of Jan I decided to read some on the interesting info on said Diary and I get to reading the “perpetual Calendar” “uumm whats that” I thought to myself? then the penny dropped, I shouldn’t have been filling the whole pages I am just supposed to write on 1/5 of the page Doh what an eejit it’s gotta last five years and there are only 366 pages in it!!! anyway you won’t be reading the diary but I just thought as I had been writing so much…….blah blah blah you must have been reading ? I know mental or what….but realize dear reader its not for you!!! So here I am filling you in on the last three days “Wind Rain, Wind Rain Wind Rain” so nothing much has changed but we did go shopping obviously where I bought my diary which has the 1st and 2nd of January unavailable for entries for the next four years………. note to me “read the instructions” it is windy but not bothering us too much we are all cosy here hope you are keeping safe and warm, until the next time

Bye for now

Chrissie Richard and Rio x x x

nbmandalay Our new blog

Well Hello again

Its Chrissie and Richie Adams ex digitalis we are now back on the canal and writing about it too. We left our old boat “digi” as we called her and went back to live in “real Life” we thought we were missing real life so we had to see, and we saw, and then after buying a house doing it up, and in less than two years we realized we were actually not missing real life.

We sold the house very quickly after deciding to come back so went boat hunting we searched and searched and then we found “Mandalay” its longer at 62ft than our old boat, but as the salesman said how often do you go up the leeds and Liverpool ? he said that as if you are in the know you know you can’t go everywhere as some of the locks are not long enough to take her but we can go most everywhere including Liverpool and leeds (“I Think ) but a different way. Well we purchased Mandalay which was lying at a marina on the Middlewich arm of the Shropshire Union which is in Cheshire “I think”  “my readers of old will know Geography is not my strongest point” anyway here we are after travelling from the 5th of September up the Llangollen and then worked our way down to Market Harborough where we were coming to spend the winter, we had to be at Foxton Locks before the closure on the 4th of November as we wouldn’t have made it down, so it was somewhat more of a rushed journey than we would of liked but we still had lovely times met loads of lovely people especially Pam and Terry nb Roosters Rest and Tina and Klim on nb Brindley, we have met all the boaters that are moored here for the winter whom we have a great social life with but being in is not nearly as much fun as travelling so we look forward to the time maybe February when we can go cruising again and enjoying the delights of the canal. so for now that’s enough…. Ooooh but I did forget to mention that I fell in the cut for the very first time a couple of weeks ago very funny I know, but just a gentle reminder to be more careful so until the next write up, I am gonna try and write everyday but not sure as that will happen, We’ll see ?

lots of love

Chrissie Richard and Rio x x x