nbmandalay Our new blog

Well Hello again

Its Chrissie and Richie Adams ex digitalis we are now back on the canal and writing about it too. We left our old boat “digi” as we called her and went back to live in “real Life” we thought we were missing real life so we had to see, and we saw, and then after buying a house doing it up, and in less than two years we realized we were actually not missing real life.

We sold the house very quickly after deciding to come back so went boat hunting we searched and searched and then we found “Mandalay” its longer at 62ft than our old boat, but as the salesman said how often do you go up the leeds and Liverpool ? he said that as if you are in the know you know you can’t go everywhere as some of the locks are not long enough to take her but we can go most everywhere including Liverpool and leeds (“I Think ) but a different way. Well we purchased Mandalay which was lying at a marina on the Middlewich arm of the Shropshire Union which is in Cheshire “I think”  “my readers of old will know Geography is not my strongest point” anyway here we are after travelling from the 5th of September up the Llangollen and then worked our way down to Market Harborough where we were coming to spend the winter, we had to be at Foxton Locks before the closure on the 4th of November as we wouldn’t have made it down, so it was somewhat more of a rushed journey than we would of liked but we still had lovely times met loads of lovely people especially Pam and Terry nb Roosters Rest and Tina and Klim on nb Brindley, we have met all the boaters that are moored here for the winter whom we have a great social life with but being in is not nearly as much fun as travelling so we look forward to the time maybe February when we can go cruising again and enjoying the delights of the canal. so for now that’s enough…. Ooooh but I did forget to mention that I fell in the cut for the very first time a couple of weeks ago very funny I know, but just a gentle reminder to be more careful so until the next write up, I am gonna try and write everyday but not sure as that will happen, We’ll see ?

lots of love

Chrissie Richard and Rio x x x

5 thoughts on “nbmandalay Our new blog

  1. Bethan brown

    Hi there
    Great to hear that you’re going to continue with your blog!
    Happy new year and we look forward to seeing you again soon x
    Thanks for the lovely hospitality ! X
    Lots of love Beth Chris Carys and Iwan xxxx

    1. nbmandalay Post author

      Hi Beth that’s great that you are able to see it, just got it set up with a little help from
      Simon, but wasn’t sure what you were seeing ? have you read my first post and can you see any pictures,
      maybe I should post them on the page, thanks for letting me know, and your always welcome,
      your never that far away and we will be here until mid feb, but we have got a few dates
      organised speak soon thanks for reading us, love to all x x x


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