Dates to remember dates to forget

I said to you when I started this blog that “I would write everyday” ? but as I got confused with the set up of my new blog I didn’t, buuuut I have now started a five year diary to write in all the important stuff “you know costs, prices, this that and the other, well I bought this lovely Diary “faux leather bound” with a lock and key and everything, so although I bought it on the second of Jan, I filled the first page ie January 1st full of interesting info that we will look back on in years to come and compare prices etc, then I fill in the whole of the next page 2nd Jan full of interesting info again… the 3rd of Jan I decided to read some on the interesting info on said Diary and I get to reading the “perpetual Calendar” “uumm whats that” I thought to myself? then the penny dropped, I shouldn’t have been filling the whole pages I am just supposed to write on 1/5 of the page Doh what an eejit it’s gotta last five years and there are only 366 pages in it!!! anyway you won’t be reading the diary but I just thought as I had been writing so much…….blah blah blah you must have been reading ? I know mental or what….but realize dear reader its not for you!!! So here I am filling you in on the last three days “Wind Rain, Wind Rain Wind Rain” so nothing much has changed but we did go shopping obviously where I bought my diary which has the 1st and 2nd of January unavailable for entries for the next four years………. note to me “read the instructions” it is windy but not bothering us too much we are all cosy here hope you are keeping safe and warm, until the next time

Bye for now

Chrissie Richard and Rio x x x

3 thoughts on “Dates to remember dates to forget

    1. anne

      Look forward to seeing your blogs. Chris – you haven’t got a very norfolk accent – I have & Richie has too – there’s not many true Norfolk dumplings left!!.looking forward to seeing you at Hinckley x


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