Still in Market Harborough

Hello dear reader !!

Still here in MH wont be leaving until the end of Feb as we have a lot going on here there and everywhere, “They don’t know that here in the Wharf ” I think they only have room for us until the end of JAN or until the Hire Boats come back from their refurbishmenting .

I said ” I would write everyday ” and as pointed out by my lovely brother I haven’t been, but as there’s not a right lot to report when wer’e not travelling I don’t want to bore you too much.

We are doing lots going out with our fellow boaters for our regular  Tuesday early doors at the Sugar Loaf which is our Wetherspoons here in MH, the boaters some of you may know are our new neighbours and some from our winter moorings when we were on narrowboat Digitalis.


18th Jan Hello again I was going to write everyday but like I said not a right lot happens, but things have a changed, we are going to get our bottom blacked so we have booked in with a company on the Ashby Canal to do it for us so we are going to be there for the 24th Feb when they will Start, but because of other arrangements we have, we are going away for a few days on 7th – 9th Feb so as soon as we get back from there we will be taking off so that we can be some place,So that I can get transport to get to Hayley’s for the 14th to look after Harvey and Ellie whilst Hayley and Jamie take a romantic break in London we will have to be at a place for hiring a car on the 21st to go to another function, so that will mean leaving our winter mooring here in Market Harborough on the 10th Feb which makes us happy as we can’t wait to get back out on the cut, so in between little trips away it doesn’t actually leave us many travelling days to get to the Ashby Canal and of course it is all dependant on if the canal freezes over or not, Watch this space.
I must also send our love and get well wishes to our lovely friends on nb Hadar Jo and Kieth as Kieth has had a right bad start to this and end to last year, but hopefully now is on the mend after his latest ail found him in hospital having a nasty op, but hopefully he is now on the mend love to you both Jo and kieth and in the words of D.Ream things can only get better.
Hope your all sticking to your new year resolutions……… I did have a go at that 2 in 5 diet, I did that for one day and haven’t managed to another one since, maybe I’ll have another go !!!
love to all
Chrissie Richard and Rio nb Mandalay x x x


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