Waiting to move

Waiting to move


Well are we all not just a little fed up of this rain, but hopefully it will bode well for when we set off on the move again, When the skies are all rained out and we will travell in the bright sunshine and the earth will become like Camelot,( ” where the rain shall never fall till after sundown, by eight the morning fog must disappear, and there’s a legal limit to the snow here in Camelot”)  Well one can only dream !!! We cannot wait until we take off again and start cruising on the cut, and like I said we do have a smashing little community here  in Market Harborough amongst the winter moorers ( it’s Tuesday night early doors at the Sugar Hut !! Sorry Sugar Loaf, obviously to much  T.O.W.I.E ) where we all go for a cheap meal and a couple of pints. But I wanna travel.

We had a lovely weekend , well week really, see even tho its rained loads  we do manage to get out between the showers, we cycle and shop, generally have a great time, we also had loads of visitors this week, on Thursday we had Sally and Howard who came to visit when after a morning of rain wind and gloom the sun came out as soon as they arrived and stayed with us for the whole afternoon, Whilst we showed em Foxton Locks and the Leicestershire countryside which can be viewed from the top of the locks and the viewing platform, I love showing the locks off to non narrowboaters and folk that haven’t seen it, it never ceases to amaze me how it was thought up designed and built with no more than the average garden shed held, not counting any of your power tools or electrical gadgets, yes there was nothing more than hand tools to create this wonder of the  Canal World,”  created more than two hundred years ago. I know there are loads more lock, canal bridge, tunnel, and Aqueduct wonders out there, but I feel this is mine and Richies (whilst we are here) to show our people” ” anyway Sally and Howard had a wonderful time up at the locks, we then went to eat at Sugar Loaf again….. was lovely to see you Sally and Howard both enjoy your trips to Oz an Spain x x then on Friday I baked a  cake for our visitors from Down South ( Wales that is) yes Lisa Kaff Heidi and Lily Grace came for the weekend, they were staying at the MH travel lodge which is a stones throw from the boat, so very handy, we ate again at the Sugar Loaf ( they will be getting sick off me and Richie in that Sugar Loaf) and came back to the boat for cake, the children loved it so much ( the boat not the cake, ) that they wanted to stay so they slept with me in the bed whilst Richie slept on the bed in the lounge, which was great for Kaff and Lisa….. but it was lovely and they don’t come often. so again it was pouring down with rain when they arrived on Friday the weather picked up for us all to go to……..yes Foxton but its lovely for everyone, the suncame out whilst they all enjoyed the wonders of foxton, after getting a mini bus there Richie and Kaff were going to walk back to Market Harborough, whilst we caught the bus from Foxton village, when we got back to MH Richie called to say they were caught in that massive storm so we went to pick them up in the car, we had a super e ening Saturday where I cooked for all !!!! Which was nice, on Sunday Joey and Jayne came to join us all and we had lunch at the Waterfront Restraunt here at the wharf a lovely week now resting until    Our next adventure……. yes the Sugar Loaf again tonite gosh we know how to live…………….

Until the Next time

Lots of love

Chrissie Richie and Rio x x x







2 thoughts on “Waiting to move

  1. Joe Doherty

    Hi Both,
    Just read your last posting, thank goodness you didn’t write about me falling in the canal when we came to visit, I wouldn’t want the whole world and his dog knowing that I fell in (haven’t fell in a canal since I were a lad, anyway thanks for keeping it a secret.

    Love Joey & Jayne xx


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